Van an toàn inox vi sinh

Van an toàn inox vi sinh

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Van an toàn inox vi sinh

Clean Service Safety Relief Valves

Safety valves for food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications

  • Better cleaning through:
  • Low dead space
  • through cleaning (CIP) or sterilizing (SIP) with pneumatic lifting device possible
  • Worldwide approvals, ratio L/D from up to < 0.33
  • HyTight Assembly: gap-free design of the internal parts
  • Surfaces packages according to ASME BPE and DIN 11866 with a high surface quality up to Ra max = 0.375 µm / 15 µinch
  • Easy process integration FDA-compliant elastomers and a wide range of aseptic connections
  • Alternative to bursting disc




Food and Beverage

LESER Clean Service safety valves are designed, marked, produced and approved according to the requirements of the following regulations:

Valve Types

Type 481    

Small capacity at high set pressure

DN15 - DN25 (3/4" - 1")

Type 485    

Small to medium capacity, low dead space ratio through weld able integrated pipework connection 

Type 483    

Small to medium capacity, best clean ability and a variety of aseptic connections

Type 484    

Small to medium capacity, low dead space ratio through weld able vessel

Type 488    

High capacity, variety of aseptic connections

DN 25 - DN 100 (1" - 4")



Technical specifications API

Nominal Diameter at Inlet

DN 15 - DN 100 | NPS 3/4'' - NPS 4''

Actual Orifice Diameter d₀

10 mm - 92 mm | 0.394 in - 3.622 in

Actual Orifice Area A₀

78.5 mm² - 6648 mm² | 0.122 in² - 10.304 in²


0.1 bar - 68 bar | 1.5 psig - 986 psig

Temperature (in accordance with DIN EN)

-45 °C to 250 °C | -49 °F to 482 °F

Body Material

1.4404, 1.4435 (BN2) | SA 479 316L

Valve Connection

Large Selection of Aseptic Connections: Threaded, Flanged, Clamped, Welded

Bellows Material (optional)


Load Type




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